Wound Care Products

As Sole & Exclusive Authorized Representative of S2-Medical (Sweden), we import, market & distribute Epiprotect® & Epiprotect®Ulcer in Pakistan.

The skin is a protective barrier that prevents infections, fluid and heat loss. A breach in this barrier will therefor cause an immediate need for protection. Epiprotect® forms a cell free temporary barrier that can replace the lost epithelium, making it perfect for advanced wound care settings. Epiprotect® will not only cover the wound but also help the body to control the microenvironment, keeping tissue viable. Epiprotect® is available in a line of conformable wound dressings based on our eiratex® material technology.
Epiprotect®2117 has a size of 21×17 cm and was developed for burn care, but can also be used for large chronic ulcers. The dressing comes packaged in salt solution and is ready to use.

Epiprotect® is developed from Eiratex® that is a registered trademark of S2Medical AB. The material is based on a biosyntetic polymer of sugar molecules that have been further developed by S2Medical. Our exact and controlled production gives the material unique properties such as superior conformability, transparency, strength andbreathability. Epiprotect® is one of the very few dressings that is so conformable that it can even be efficently used to treat facial burns. Epiprotect® will help the body to control the level of moisture at any given phase of the healing process. This means that the healing conditions will be optimal during all the different stages of healing without any need of dressing changes.

Epiprotect® is a synthetic epithelium that is 100% free from human or animal products. It provides the best adherence and pain reduction on the market while providing a optimal environment for controlled healing.

Key Benifits

✓ Adheres and conforms to the wound
✓ Easy to apply and easy to cut
✓ Near total transparency, easy monitoring
✓ Moist wound healing
✓ Allows the body to control the microenviroment
✓ Collagen mimicking nanostructure
✓ Replaces the need of animal or human tissue
✓ Impermiable to bacteria
✓ Hemostatic
✓ Applies only once
✓ Breathable
✓ Prevents fluid loss, no exudates
✓ Fully compatiable with antibiotics
✓ Reduced pain

Highway to healing® by skin mimicking structure.

The eiratex® membrane is gas permeable and buffers moist, allowing an optimized fluid and gas homeostasis giving a perfect environment during the whole healing process.

eiratex® shares the nanostructure of human skin but is a biosynthetic epithelium that does not originate from animal or human tissue.

Epiprotect® with its eiratex®-membrane holds a collagen mimicking nanostructure, giving it extremely high biocompatibility and full functionality as a cell free, non degradable biosynthetic epithelium that stops bacteria from penetrating the network and reaching the wound.

Outstanding pain reduction.

Being severely burnt is both painfull and traumatizing. One of the most important features of Epiprotect® is therefore the pain reducing effect, especially when treating children.
Epiprotect® has an extremely tight adherence to the wound which ensures that all free nerve ends will be covered, giving an instant pain relef. In fact, Epiprotect® treated patients rarely feel a need for analgesic medications.

Less stress, more care

Epiprotect® will give you more time for your patients since its developed for easier care and maintenance. Epiprotect® will adapt to the healing process and is most often only applied once. The dressing will after attachment stay on the wound until the wound is healed. The transparent feature of the dressing makes monitoring both faster and more convinient.
Epiprotect® is a superior alternative for exudating wounds as it prevents the forming of exudate which is an important factor both in the care of burns but also many chronic or complicated wounds.

The wound healing dressing Epiprotect®

The results from clinical investigations in both Sweden and abroad have been ground breaking, since Epiprotect® has shown its unique property to substitute the use of dressings based on skin from animals or humans. Since Epiprotect can halfen the healing time in parts of the world and keep patients alive, the interest in the product from clinics around the world is huge, especially in regions where the use of dressings derived from human or animal products is prohibited for cultural or economic reasons. The national burn centres in Linköping (Highest survival rates in the world 2015) and Uppsala are currently using Epiprotect® in their clinical routine. It is mostly used in burn care and plastic surgery to treat partial thickness wounds, protect tissue after excisions of full thickness wounds and to cover skin transplants and donor sites.

Healing of a partial thickness burn. Minimal pain and fast healing. Photo: BRIVA Ismailia, Egypt

Covering of an excised full thickness burn injury, a life saving step prior to auto transplantation of skin. The method has previously been dependent on dressings derived from animal or human tissue. Photo: BRIVA Linköping, Sweden